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Policies: Services, Confidentiality & Disclaimers 

Guarantee of Privacy -


This section is applicable for the services provided by Qureist and professionals who are either employed by Qureist directly or serve as consultants with us on contract. This section is not applicable to support listing we provide via our "Care List" which is an independent list of mental health professionals who are not employed with us or consult with us. Please refer to the section after this for our policies about our Care List. 


Qureist places utmost importance on each of its client's information and guarantees complete and persistent confidentiality in accordance with the highest ethical standards followed in psychotherapeutic and counselling practice. You are safe and secure with us. We vouch to preserving the sanctity of your personal information as a priority.


Terms and Conditions


Qureist provide counselling, coaching, therapeutic and skill building services for individuals, communities and organizations in physical and digital space. We do not provide medical assistance and regrettably can't help you for acute psychiatric distress or severe suicidal ideation. If you are experiencing intense medical or psychiatric disturbance, please check into your nearest hospital's emergency room and call a family member, colleague or a trusted friend.


Rights & Protocols


Identifying a client: A person and/or an organization and/or a community who approaches us for a therapeutic consultation, counselling and/or coaching services is identified as a client for all purposes. The client is to be in a sound state to provide consent for being a part of the therapeutic, counselling and/or coaching process. 


Informed Consent: Clients are actively asked for their consent after being explained the nature and the process of engagement. We will initiate any therapeutic interaction only after a written and explicit form of consent is obtained from the client either via email or physically. 


Beneficence and non-maleficence:  Psychologists/MHPs working with us are to remain aware of their professional influence and the potential consequences therein on individuals and groups who seek counsel with them, especially with respect to preventing misuse or abuse, while additionally maintaining awareness of how the psychologist's own physical and mental health may influence their work. Among professional interactions and research, psychologists ought to respect and protect the rights and welfare of patients and participants foremost.


Fidelity and responsibility: Clients and MHPs are asked to sign off on a confidentiality clause prior to starting therapy to ensure their integrity, confidentiality and no breach of trust at any instance. All practitioners commit to a scientific temper and use of tested, well-researched methods for counselling, therapy and coaching practices. 


Disclosure: Psychologists/Therapists/Consulting MHPs delivering services provide information beforehand to clients and when appropriate those directly affected by the services about -


(1) the nature and objectives of the services,

(2) the intended recipients

(3) which of the individuals are clients

(4) the relationship the psychologist will have with each person and the organization

(5) the probable uses of services provided and information obtained, 

(6) who will have access to the information

(7) limits of confidentiality. 

As soon as feasible, they provide information about the results and conclusions of such services to appropriate persons.


Withdrawal/Suspension of Services: We reserve the right to withdraw or suspend any/all services if faced with any form of ethical violation/breach and/or any evident risk to a therapist or a consulting partner's wellbeing. Clients who would like to withdraw or suspend services are allowed to do so after informing us about withdrawing from services provided. 

Care List: Professional Support Listing

We have listed a database of mental health professionals for folks to access directly. Unless explicitly stated, none of the people listed under out "Care List" Segment work for or with Qureist or are employed by us directly. Think of us as google for mental health professionals. They are a part of our website aggregator/search which has collated the information and details of these professionals through specific whetting, crowdsourcing and online/in-person recommendations. We welcome feedback about any of the professionals we list as part of our Support List but do not hold any personal or organisational liability for the interactions and experiences with these individual professionals. We merely provide contact details and relevant experience related information so folks can make an informed decision in their time of need. We, however, do act on feedback and strive to improve on the information we provide. 

1. We will not share any confidential contact details for people who refer to our Care list for help.

2. We will regularly update information about the professionals listed in the Care list.

3. We will conduct rigorous checks on the validity and credibility of the educational and professional education/experiences of the professionals listed by us. 

4. We will maintain utmost transparency in all our engagements with both professionals and users looking for information.

5. We strongly discourage and will not engage in any form of sexism, racism, casteism, queerphobic behaviours for any parties engaging with our platform in any shape or form. 

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