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Our Purpose

Sanity should not be a luxury.
It is a necessity.

Mental health in India

26% people in India indicated a fear of those who live with MH conditions/illnesses (World Economic Forum, 2018)

7% Indians suffer from some mental disorder and predicts that number expected to rise to 20 per cent. (WHO, 2020)

80%  of those suffering from mental disorders did not receive treatment for over a year as per The National Mental Health Survey (NMHS), 2015-16 

Care Maps



One of our primary objectives is to provide relevant options for affordable mental health help when it comes to your psychological wellbeing. Whether it is through our own services or through our aggregated Care List, we hope for a curated proliferation in access to services for people, organisations and communities.



Mental Health does not exist in a silo separated from our general wellness. Physical, psychosocial, sociocultural and economic factors co-exist and exert influence on other other.

We have created a collated aggregator of health professionals and services for quality, integrated assistance. 



Accessibility can either be a catalyst or a deterrent to health care in general.  Our intention as well as purpose is to create and provide a selection of services that allow you to find what will be a good overall fit for your needs. We want mental health help to be widely accessible without barriers.



Founder & Chief Psychologist

Scherezade is an award-winning psychologist, therapist, writer and community catalyst. She is affiliated with Indian Counselling Association. She has a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology and is trained in RECBT. Her therapeutic practice is rooted in existential psychology, psychodynamic approaches and humanistic methods. She is averse to pathologising mental health and prefers to look at experiences without limiting them to being a sum of our parts. She is also a well-published writer who has written for The Quint, HuffPost, Vice, London Magazine, Berfrois, Kohl Press among others. Her work has been translated into French, Arabic, Mandarin among other languages. She created and facilitated "Poetry as a Therapy Aid" for The London School, UK. She has conducted workshops, guided rituals, arts immersion experiences in the US, UK, Hong Kong and across India. 

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