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What is Psychotherapy?

Therapy and counselling constitute a process in which a trained mental health professional helps a client/patient navigate complex psychosocial, psychological, behavioural, cognitive and other emotional issues, challenges and disturbances.

It involves a discussing and examining emotions, relationships, beliefs, behaviours sociocultural conditioning or even physiological difficulties while building a safe, supportive space where you can find acceptance, clarity and comprehension. Therapy is also useful for people who deal with mental illness and need ongoing help in managing it. Therapy is not just for a specific type of psychological problem solving but can involve a range of experiences including building self-esteem, understanding one’s personality and improving interpersonal interactions. Different types of therapeutic methods and schools exist for you to benefit from as per your own needs. 

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Is therapy for me?

Therapy is beneficial for anyone and everyone who needs some unbiased, compassionate and stable help in dealing with their life, emotions, relatioships and other psychosocial complexities. Therapy is very useful for those people who deal with a Severe Mental Illness (SMI) and/or any type of psychosocial disorder. That said, therapy isn’t necessarily only about a diagnosis or a specific label. You can speak to a trained therapist/psychologist/counselor for a host of reasons, topmost of which is finding

a support system.

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What to expect in a therapy session with us?

A therapy session should provide you with the following -


  • A safe space to discuss your emotions, thoughts and relationships. 

  • A non-judgmental and well-trained mental health professional.

  • A therapeutic approach that suits what you need from the engagement. 

  • An open and reciprocal process in which you feel heard and supported.

  • An approach that is explained to you before you commit to the process.

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