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Care is Cure

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Care. Community. Catharsis.

“I see horizons where you see borders.”

—Frida Kahlo

About Us

Qureist is a health and wellness platform dedicated to providing end-to-end, cohesive and scientifically informed solutions for psychological health by integrating physical and mental wellness.


Mental and emotional health are critical aspects of our overall wellness that often are pushed into a margin, under-discussed and stigmatised despite steady developments in the fields of psychology, psychiatry and public health. We set up Qureist to assist, educate and empower people towards making informed choices about seeking help for their psychosocial wellbeing. This is a confluence of physical and psychological components. Care as cure is our guiding principle because we believe that people need  compassionate engagement as an approach in order to survive with sanity in the world we inhabit. 

Our Services

Red Wild Flowers

Therapy & Counselling 

We provide therapy and counselling services for individuals, organizations and communities. We offer both 1-0-1 and group formats for therapy. Our practice is rooted in psychodynamic and existential approaches to psychotherapy. We believe in a holistic and rights-based approach for mental health and wellness. 

Orange Blossom

Coaching & Consulting

We have over 20+ years of experience in organizational development and talent management. We provide assistance for designing and instituting employee wellness policies and programs. We provide conceptualization and facilitation services for training, coaching and leadership development for corporate clients.

Blue Bouquet

Research & Content Catalysts

We combine the arts and science to create a unique model for research-backed content creation.  We have a team of adept therapists, writers and artists who are dedicated to creating awareness and helping in outreach for psychological wellbeing. We create both written and visual content for mental health, and community development.

Our Approach



One of our primary objectives is to provide relevant options for affordable mental health help when it comes to your psychological wellbeing. Whether it is through our own services or through our aggregated Care List, we hope for a curated proliferation in access to services for people, organisations and communities.



Mental Health does not exist in a silo separated from our general wellness. Physical, psychosocial, sociocultural and economic factors co-exist and exert influence on other other.

We have created a collated aggregator of health professionals and services for quality, integrated assistance. 



Accessibility can either be a catalyst or a deterrent to health care in general.  Our intention as well as purpose is to create and provide a selection of services that allow you to find what will be a good overall fit for your needs. We want mental health help to be widely accessible without barriers.

Our Reach, Our Road 

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