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Care is Cure

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Care. Community. Catharsis.

“I see horizons where you see borders.”

—Frida Kahlo

About Us

Qureist is a health and wellness platform dedicated to providing end-to-end, cohesive and scientifically informed solutions for psychological health by integrating physical and mental wellness.


Mental and emotional health are critical aspects of our overall wellness that often are pushed into a margin, under-discussed and stigmatised despite steady developments in the fields of psychology, psychiatry and public health. We set up Qureist to assist, educate and empower people towards making informed choices about seeking help for their psychosocial wellbeing. This is a confluence of physical and psychological components. Care as cure is our guiding principle because we believe that people need  compassionate engagement as an approach in order to survive with sanity in the world we inhabit. 

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