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Our Purpose

We help you find what you need to help yourself



Therapeutics & Counselling Services

We provide mental wellness counselling and therapy for individuals, groups and organisations through trained mental health practitioners and social work specialists.

Ours is  an existential and humanistic orientation that uses an integrated, multi-modal approach for coaching, counselling and therapy.


Content, Resources & Research 

We design and publish mental wellness content, create psychoeducation outreach, engage in training workshops and provide bespoke solutions for organisational development, skill building as well as employee wellbeing.



We facilitate and curate group therapy, peer support workshops and community wellness spaces both offline and online as part of our pledge towards a community-oriented model for mental wellness. We are also testing a health aggregator where you can find a whetted and verified list of wellness practitioners - psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists and counsellors.

Our Reach, Our Road 

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